Latest Healthcare Innovations

Some recent Health Innovation news

Good examples of patients engaging in mobile health (#mhealth) solutions.  

Diabetes patients have improved outcomes from #mhealth coaching

And this app can apparently prevent heart attacks – at least patients are engaging and demonstrating healthier behaviors as a result

Apple Watch owners seem pretty convinced about #mhealth with 5 out of 6 saying the device contributes to their overall health

We all know about the Proteus ‘microchip’ pill but is Jawbone building a health tracker you can swallow?

Talking of diagnostic stuff, some sweet examples

A smartphone device that can quickly diagnose cancer

An eye-test device on virtual reality screens that could lead to prescription

Turning the Apple Watch into a seizure detector

Outputs from this innovation can flow into the Big Data stream, as Apple expand their Research Kit disease areas to include Epilepsy, Autism and Melanoma (previous disease areas included Diabetes, Asthma, Parkinson’s Disease, and Breast Cancer)

FDA Challenges?

Blood testing outfit Theranos according to the WSJ has FDA and other issues, CEO Elizabeth Holmes hit back last week

Genetic testing company 23andMe Returns with FDA-Approved Genetic Health Tests ‪

Now that is Mobile Health!

Samsung brings its high-tech medicine to the west coast community in  a van 

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