A Wikipedia Geek

After my previous Wikipedia post I became curious to see what was going on with Pharmaceutical company Wikipedia pages.  I submerged myself in some geeky analysis, using data from Wikipedia.  I confess I rather enjoyed it.

There is a lot of discussion around Wikipedia being used to look at Pharmaceutical products but less so about Pharma corporate pages.   This is clearly understandable from a patient and doctor perspective however there is a significant PR consideration for companies and ‘their’ prominent Wikipedia entries.

I have attached slides below from my analysis that (sadly perhaps) enthralled me, however I hope you at least find them interesting.  Before that a quick summary of the main findings:

  • The bigger companies Wikipedia pages are seen over 1000 times per day
  • GSK has the most edited Wikipedia page however most pharma co’s will have their pages edited every few days
  • The number of Pfizer edits has dropped by 55% in the past year and those for Novartis has increased by 63%
  • Pfizer & GSK have the most ‘watched‘ pages but all Pharma pages will be watched by many hawk-eyed Wikipedians
  • There are a relatively high number of editors but a small kernel has a disproportionate influence
  • The number 1 editor of both the GSK & Pfizer pages has a very high proportion of edits and a very significant individual influence (interestingly he did have, he is now blocked by Wikipedia)
  • All companies have a well optimised owned media presence and opportunity to increase visibility on their corporate sites

Pharma companies have an opportunity to work with the Wikipedia community to correct inaccuracies in the corresponding Wikipedia pages.  They should also ensure their own websites are of sufficient value to attract and retain those who are searching for information about their company

Enjoy the slides!


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