Pharma Social Media – Moving Forwards?

After recently blogging about the GSK FaceBook case, I decided to share this best practice at the recent SMi Social Media Conference in London.  The purpose of sharing this was to highlight how well GSK do, in both responding to comments and allowing ‘negative’ comments to stand on their FaceBook wall.

It clearly takes a significant effort to maintain this online presence, however they do this very well, particularly providing regular posts around positive new stories.  These create a feel good factor and dilute the comments made by ‘persistent detractors’

There was a moment of drama (not sure if we really have drama in Pharma) when an Adverse Event came to light during the presentation.

Rather than sharing the experience in a full blog post I have attached a link to the slides, with notes to signpost you through.  Hopefully a useful reference!


gary monk presentation
Presentation at SMI congress (Gary Monk)


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