An interesting few weeks….

Some highlights from #Digipharm 

  • Meeting up with fellow tweeters such as @pharmaguy @rohal @blogaceutics to name a few
  • I was pleased to have my suspicions that @pharmaguy aka John Mack is indeed a nice guy confirmed. He comes with something of a reputation, due to delivery of the Infamous ‘Mack Attack’ to those in pharma he feels are not doing things right, but you would never sense this in person
  • Consultant Dr Ameet Bakhai was good value. After the first five minutes listening to him you may feel there was no place for pharma representatives in the modern age. It soon became clear there is a need for multidisciplinary, highly knowledgeable teams (including sales representatives) to deliver information and support to clinicians. As one twitter commentator pointed out he is only 1 clinician – however there are many like him, who, while inherently dismissive of pharma can actually be persuaded of the value, the industry has to offer – If we go about things in the right way!
  • Some future perspectives on the future of health care and the Psoriasis 360 project from @Alex__Butler (mentioned below)
  • @Whydotpharma aka Silja, presenting with @AndrewSpong in silence after losing her voice
  • Speaking on the ADHD You Tube awareness campaign was exciting, I did not expect such an interested response in discussing the type of comments we could not post. My aim was to highlight the – not always obvious – challenges, with a moderated approach to comments

The PM Digital awards

  • It was great to see the company I work for @JanssenUK win 5 out of the 10 industry awards for the best digital projects. In my view the ‘secret’ of this success is to start by thinking about what is the right thing for the patient, then doing everything to overcome barriers to make this happen. Innovation is not always easy however I feel lucky compared to some industry colleagues, who I met at the awards and at Digipharm. I won’t name them or their companies. They allegedly propose well thought out, patient centred projects that involve 2 way communication with patients and invariably their global medical/legal departments get nervous and pull the plug.

It’s what patients think that matters

  • I was interested to read Andrew Spongs blog and associated comments on the Psoriasis 360 Facebook project, launched by @Alex__Butler.  Andrew cautions those unaffected by the condition passing comment/praise on this and other patient sites supported or set up by Pharma. The reason being, it detracts from the patient centricity and becomes a bit of a circus. I believe Alex’s efforts in making this happen indeed deserve much praise (of course in the right forum!), particularly the approach taken to post moderate comments – allowing real time discussion  Much more importantly than my humble opinion though, as evidenced on Andrew’s blog, patients are starting to find this a valuable resource. So we can pat each other on the back or offer criticism on our respective efforts to communicate with patients – In the end this becomes meaningless, as the patient is our ultimate arbiter.

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